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Taxation Journal

Taxation Journal is an international online tax journal dedicated to the world of tax and taxation. Featuring tax news, tax articles, tax jobs, and tax updates from around the world. Get involved...

Taxation Journal aims to provide information for tax professionals and tax advisors around the world.

You can also find or publish tax stories, tax updates, jobs and tax information in our international online Taxation Magazine.

The Taxation Journal site aims to make it easy for tax advisors share tax articles tax news and tax information easily online and find information such a job vacancies working in tax.

What is different about Taxation Journal?

Firstly it is FREE to read. Many other tax Journals cost and arm and a leg to subscribe to. Not Taxation Journal.

Features articles from it's users. Most tax Journals are written by a selected few. Often hard to read not in touch with their users. Not Taxation Journal it is written by our users for our users.

Part of a Growing Network. The Taxation Journal site is part of a growing network of tax related websites published by Tax Publications Limited a company that specialises in online publishing in the tax, accounting and law sectors.

What Countries Does Taxation Journal Cover

Tax Publications is a UK based company but our aim at is to cover as many countries around the world as possible.

At present Taxation Journal is focused on English speaking countries around the world including

Australia Tax Journal
UK Tax Journal
Ireland Taxation Journal
Canada Taxation Journal
USA Taxation Journal

Taxation Journal will be adding other countries around the world as tax professionals from other countries get involved with submitting tax news and articles for their country.

What Does Taxation Journal Feature

Taxation Journal features three main areas relating to the field of tax and taxation.

Tax Articles
Tax Articles
Tax News
Tax News
Tax Jobs
Tax Jobs
Taxation Journal by Tax Publications

Firstly, tax news is important in the ever changing world of tax. Keeping up to date with your tax knowledge is key to giving good sound advise to clients.

Secondly, tax jobs are why you work in the field of taxation. Our tax jobs sections aim to bring you all the latest job vacancies in tax.

We are also linked to websites dedicated tax jobs with some country or region specific websites in our network advertising tax job vacancies such as UK Tax Jobs.

Thirdly, tax articles. Articles and features about tax topics and areas of tax submitted by users.

What Types Of Tax Does Taxation Journal Feature

The types of tax that Taxation Journal covers vary depending on what our contributors submit articles and news for.

Types of taxation vary from country to country but we aim to cover the main types of tax for each country.

Personal Taxes
Personal Taxes
Property Taxes
Property Taxes
Death Taxes
Death Taxes
Corporate Taxes
Corporate Taxes
Payroll Taxes
Payroll Taxes
Sales Taxes
Sales Taxes

How And Why Get Involved With Taxation Journal?

Here's how and why to get involved with Taxation Journal.

Taxation Journal is published by Tax Publications Limited. However many of the tax articles and news articles are submitted by our readers or members of the Association of Tax Advisors which is a free to join international network of tax advisers around the world.

If you would like to get involved get in touch with us. Getting involved can mean submitting tax articles or submitting tax news and updates or other tax information.

You can submit your tax articles and tax news online or by email. Articles don't have to be long drawn out affairs. Short punchy articles from a few paragraphs to a page or so are most popular.

Our aim is to be a Journal as opposed to a journal so easy to read articles and news is what we aim to publish.

Getting involved has a host of benefits including

expanding your tax skills,

promoting your tax knowledge,

and promoting your tax business online.

Making sharing and keeping up to date with tax easy, enjoyable and sociable.

Join The Association Of Tax Advisors (FREE)

Association of Tax Advisors

Tax Publications is building network of tax advisors around the world.

An international network of tax advisors.

The aim of the Association of Tax Advisors is to create a social and business network for tax advisors around the world.

Connecting tax advisors with tax resources.

A tax professional? Join the Associations tax network completely free on the Association of Tax Advisors members site.

Taxation Journal....

Making sharing and keeping up to date with tax easy, enjoyable and sociable.

The Tax Journal (International)

Unlike most other tax journals and tax Journals Taxation Journal is completely FREE to read.

Tax Publications launched Taxation Journal to help tax professionals share and publish tax news, updates and tax articles online.

Sharing is good. Why? It promotes your tax skills online and helps develop and enhance your tax knowledge.

Taxation Journal is part of the tax solutions network offered by Tax Publications.

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Tax Jobs

Featured Job Advert...

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Tax Articles

Tax Publications publish a growing network of tax and accounting websites that help tax professionals develop their online presence and tax skills.

Writing and submitting articles to Taxation Journal is a great way of sharing and promoting your tax skills.

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Tax News

Find and share the latest tax news on Taxation Journal and on our dedicated tax news website.

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Who Is It For

All sorts of people have an interest in what's on Taxation Journal..

See our advertising page for details on how to advertise on Taxation Journal or across our growing network of sites.